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2019-2020 Schedule



Meeting #1:     

Date:                Sep 17, 2019

Speaker:          John Carter


Time:               7:00 pm        

Topic:             My Favorite Option Strategies for the Current Market

The markets seem crazy right now.  Tweets, Trade Wars, Negative Interest Rates.  What are the implications for the macro view and bigger picture over the next 5 years?  And, more importantly, how can I make money from this over the next five years... as well as next week?  We'll dive in and tak a look at the macro - and the micro - together.

Speaker Bio:   John Carter has been a full-time trader since 1996. In 1999, tired of talking to his goldfish while trading alone in his office, John launched to post his trading ideas. The company has since evolved into what is now, Simpler Trading. In addition to being an experienced trader, John is also a published author. The 3rd Edition of his book, "Mastering the Trade", was a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

Using state of the art technology, Simpler Trading delivers daily training to thousands of users via webinars, virtual mentoring, live trading, interactive chat rooms and mobile solutions. Our community of traders share market tips and ideas in our Live Trading Room with other members as they follow along in real-time with our team of expert traders.  Our team of veteran traders have over 200 years of combined trading experience and provide in-depth knowledge and actionable, real-time ideas for trading across stocks and
equity options, as well as Futures and Forex... providing expert guidance and mentoring to over 350,000 traders across globe.

His trading strategy combines expert technical analysis with an overall macro, fundamental view. His proven trading setups identify large directional plays that he leverages with both options and futures, as well as neutral moments in time for income trading opportunities when market conditions are on the slow side. He likes being in the trade before anyone else, and he uses his signature indicator ‘the Squeeze’ to enter many of these plays. The scans he created allow him to locate his favorite setups and jump on moves before they take off.

John’s trades can generally be adjusted for those looking for a more conservative take on his aggressive plays, and traders can use his tools to find setups that fit their own risk parameters. His trading style is best geared towards a trader with previous experience and a solid understanding of the inner workings of the market.

Meeting #2:  

Date:                Oct 15, 2019

Speaker:         Ron Bertino

Web:               www.TradingDominion

Time:              7:00 pm        

Topic:             Top 10 Ways Performance Data Can Trick You

 Learn how signal or algorithm providers can use performance data in deceptive ways in order to make you think that their system has excellent performance.

Learning these issues is also useful for your own personal use, if you're developing your own portfolios or algorithms.

Things you will learn:

    o Deceptive performance stats listed by signal or algo providers
    o How long should a backtest be?
    o Being aware of market conditions
    o Why focusing on CAGR is a bad idea
    o How performance graphs can hide critical information
    o How to properly visualize drawdowns
    o Difficulty of recovering from drawdowns
    o How volatility impacts compounded returns
    o How you can easily be tricked with survivorship bias
    o Security replacements and synthetic instruments
    o Properly accounting for trading costs
    o How to avoid data mining

Last but not least, we'll be demonstrating an extremely useful free online tool for doing portfolio analysis and backtesting.

Speaker Bio:  
Ron Bertino has been trading since 1995, doing a blend of directional strategies using technical analysis on futures and stocks, as well as directional and non-directional options trading strategies.

Ron spent 20 years working as a systems and software engineer for some of the largest companies in the world including Microsoft, Dell, international banks, and many others.

He now runs a trading community called Trading Dominion which teaches advanced trading concepts and tactics to hundreds of traders.



Meeting #3:     

Date:                Nov 19 2019

Speaker:         Shack Cashen

                    President - Cashen Investment Advisors

Web:                none

 Time:              7:00 pm        

Topic:             Old Bull Markets in New World Economies: Acceleration Before Collision

This Presentation will emphasize: 1) an analysis of the world’s economies grouped by their evolving order; 2) an analysis of Financial Markets by a) economic grouping and, b) by significance; 3) Market Strategies for the final running of the bull and 4) probabilities of the identities of the next bear markets and corresponding strategies for each identity. This is a chart presentation including technical and/or mathematical support with discussion.

Speaker Bio:  
Shack B. Cashen is the founder and president of Cashen Investment Advisors, Inc.  Prior to forming the firm, Mr. Cashen was Chief Investment Officer for Walton Enterprises, Inc., the holding company for Sam Walton and family. At WEI, he was the manager of family and business monies. He also started a new investment company for the Waltons and a NASD brokerage firm.  Additionally, he evaluated diversification and acquisition activities for the family in their corporate finance efforts.

Previous to advising the Waltons, Mr. Cashen was the Senior Securities Manager for The Perot Group, the umbrella company for Ross Perot and family.  At the Perots, he organized the family's large scale securities activities.  His leadership and creativity in the securities markets led to recognizable returns.

Mr. Cashen has also been a senior manager and key strategist for two national investment advisors.  His extensive experience in trading, strategy, portfolio management and corporate finance assure a continued big picture outlook on the increasingly global securities markets.

Mr. Cashen is a graduate of Texas Military Institute and holds degrees from Baylor University, Texas Christian University, and Southern Methodist University. He is a member of the Association for Investment Management and Research, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Texas Society of CPA's, the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts, the Financial Analysts Federation, and the Dallas Society of Investment An

Meeting #4:     

Date:                Dec 17, 2019

Speaker:         Dan Passarelli


 Time:              7:00 pm        

Topic:            The MTM S.M.A.R.T. Income System: A Revolutionary Approach to Covered Calls

Can you outperform your current investing results while lowering your risk? The answer is a resounding YES! And it’s surprisingly easy to do!

In this special workshop you’ll learn the 5 simple steps of the MTM S.M.A.R.T. Income System, focusing on identifying the top trade candidates. This revolutionary system makes finding covered calls and cash-secured puts easy to do, stress free and a valuable addition to your current trading and investment strategy.

After attending this presentation, you’ll be able to:

•    Easily identify optimal trade candidates using the MTM Simple Trade Candidate Identification Formula
•    Systematically screen for liquidity to only trade the best opportunities
•    Select optimal strikes and expirations to grow your account faster and with less risk
•    Use the “Makes Sense Factor” for fool-proof results
•    Set up income trades to both acquire stock or sell at improved prices, while generating       superior returns
•    Avoid common mistakes that even some pros make

This is one of the rare times Dan Passarelli is revealing this step-by-step system to the general public. It is truly a special event. Any trader or investor who is interested in generating superior returns with lower risk and is committed to success should attend.

Speaker Bio:  
Dan Passarelli is an author, trader and former member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and CME Group. Dan has written two books on options trading — “Trading Option Greeks” and “The Market Taker’s Edge.” He is also the founder and CEO of Market Taker Mentoring, Inc., a leading options education firm that provides online options education, options newsletters and personalized, one-on-one coaching for option traders.

Dan began his trading career on the floor of the CBOE as an equity options market maker. He also traded agricultural options and futures on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade (now part of CME Group).

In 2005 Dan joined CBOE’s Options Institute and began teaching both basic and advanced trading concepts to retail traders, brokers, institutional traders, financial planners and advisors, money managers, and market makers. In addition to his work with the CBOE, he has taught options strategies at the Options Industry Council (OIC), the International Securities Exchange (ISE), CME Group, the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, The Shanghai Futures Exchange, Dalian Commodities Exchange, ZhengZhou Commodities Exchange and many leading options-based brokerage firms across the world.

Dan also contributes to financial media such as, FOX Business News, Bloomberg Television, BNN, Public Radio and the CBOE blog.

Meeting #5:     

Date:               Jan 21, 2020

Speaker:         Ed Downs


Time:              7:00 pm        

Topic:             AI for Traders

Join Ed Downs as he explains how Artificial Intelligence is helping traders find powerful new opportunities in today's markets.  While many people are enamored with the potential of AI, what traders care about is how using it can help them make more money in the markets.  Ed will explain how the AI works in layman's terms, and demonstrate some of the Strategies that have been developed.  Strategy tests and Signals will be shown, as well as recent performance.  Ed will also show how traders can adapt the technology to their existing approach to trading.

Speaker Bio:  

Ed Downs received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas.  He subsequently worked as a Design Automation Engineer at Tektronix.   After applying automation principles to the design of integrated circuits, Ed began formulating ways to apply similar automation concepts to the trading problem.
In 1987 he founded Nirvana Systems, Inc., with the mission of "automating the trading process" for investors.  In 1991, Nirvana released the Director Series, a "software robot" which automated existing analysis programs, including MetaStock, Telescan, and AIQ.  As a result of knowledge gained from this work, Ed designed OmniTrader (, which was released in 1994.  OmniTrader is recognized around the world as the leader in trading system automation, with over 40,000 copies sold worldwide.

In 1996, Nirvana launched a new AI-based initiative called The Nirvana Club.  Over the next 23 years, Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm systems were developed, plus numerous enhancements to increase accuracy and profitability of the resulting AI Strategies.  Fulgent Technologies, LLC was launched in 2019 ( to further improve and advance the technology.  Fulgent provides Nirvana AI to traders who want to take advantage of AI-based Signals in their trading.  The Fulgent application runs on various platforms, including OmniTrader, MetaStock and MetaTrader and facilitates a number of advanced, but easy to use features, such as re-training on the user's data. 

Anyone who has traded for an extended period of time knows there is no single indicator or collection of indicators that can provide profitable Trade Ideas in all market conditions. Traders deal with this reality by watching for events to alert them to the fact that the personality of the market is likely to change, so they can adjust accordingly. An intelligent approach is needed that can adapt its Trading Signals as the market changes.

The goal of Fulgent AI is to provide the best possible Trade Ideas for the end-user. Fulgent applies classic AI methods, including Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, and Fuzzy Logic to identify key indicators of price movement through the combination of hundreds of market factors, measured over decades of historical data.



Meeting #6:     

Date:               Feb 18, 2020

Speaker:       Jason Leavitt


Time:             7:00 pm        

Topic:           The Essence of Good Trading

Trading follows the same rules as sports, business and gambling, and if traders know this, they can adjust their expectations and operations to be in sync with what is needed to survive and thrive as a trader.
Jason will offer a framework for finding the best stocks to trade and why it's so extremely important to closely follow sector rotation.
Trading is part science and part art. The science is the easy part, so I'll go off on a few tangents to discuss the art of trading.

Speaker Bio:   Jason Leavitt is the founder and head of research at, a boutique research firm which offers market analysis and trading ideas to hedge funds, financial advisors and full- and part-time independent traders.

He is an engineer (BS Illinois, MS Texas) turned bar tender/waiter turned trader.   Jason has been trading since 1999 and has been full-time since 2002.

He has successfully navigated several big up and down markets (dot com bubble bursting and subsequent rally, Financial Crisis and subsequent rally) and has become well-respected
analyst in the industry.

Why did I start Leavitt Brothers?  It was a classic "scratch your own itch" situation. Leavitt Brothers is the site I was looking to join but couldn't find. Dozens of hours of research every week to find good tradable setups is absolutely necessary for a beginner, but once you get pretty good and narrow your focus and trading style, cutting back on the all-nighters becomes a top priority. When I reached this point (being profitable but spending way too much time finding trading ideas) I went looking for a couple stock picking services that would offer me good setups at a reasonable price. I wasn't looking for my hand to be held or a lot of hype - I just wanted a handful of good setups every week that I'd funnel through my own criteria. But my search turned up empty. I subbed to a few stock picking services and newsletters, but none were very good. With a little entrepreneurial kick I thought: "Hey this might be a business. Certainly there are other traders out there looking for good setups to play but either don't want to do the research, don't know how or just don't have time, and they'd be willing to play a small monthly fee to have it done for them." And that was the beginning. It was the site I was looking for but couldn't find.



Meeting #7: 

The March 17 meeting has been cancelled out of caution for our members due to the Corona virus situation.he March speaker has rescheduled fo   

Date:               March 17 (cancelled)

Speaker:        Reschedule to next month


Time:              7:00 pm        




Meeting #8:     

Date:             Apr 21, 2020

Speaker:         Gary Fullett


Time:              7:00 pm        

Topic:             Using the Principles of Wyckoff

Gary will present the role that the composite operator plays in the market, and how that is the mind set of the best traders.
He will also cover:
o  How to look at charts for an edge
o  A trade setup you can use immediately
o  When to trade and when NOT to trade
o  Price discovery, risk management, and time frames
o  What I learned from the 1987 market crash

Speaker Bio:   Gary Fullett started in commodities in 1981, first as a runner then later earning a seat on the CME. He has seen order flows from large and small clients and understands the mechanisms and functions that the market serves.

He is an expert in the classical Richard Wyckoff methodology. In 1985 he performed Wyckoff technical analysis for Monroe Trout and for C&D Commodities, which worked with Richard Dennis of the Turtle Trader fame.

He has taught classical Wyckoff since 1995 to thousands of students with live trading webinars and one-on-one mentoring. He has also taught at Wyckoff seminars with David Weiss, Gary Dayton, Galvin Holmes, and other Wyckoff experts.

Gary teaches traders how to utilize Wyckoff principles every trading day on where he provides FREE Webinars on Wyckoff Principles, a commodity brokerage mentoring newsletter, and education based on his 37 years in the business.

Join him on his site for daily market commentary in a live trade room. He lectures in the public section of the website on Sunday nights at 8 pm Chicago time along with a Free stock night chat during the week where he does bar-by-bar analysis of current stock charts using Wyckoff principles and techniques.

Gary owns a commodity brokerage firm which is dedicated to education of Wyckoff principles and helping traders with tape reading and understanding how markets truly work.




Meeting #9:     

Date:                May 19, 2020

Speaker:        Doug Campbell


Time:              7:00 pm        

Topic:            Trading the 3/8 Trap Strategy

The 3/8 Trap Strategy is a very simple and very visual trade setup that requires few indicators and is easy to find in trending charts. I have taught this strategy to 1,000’s of traders and if you follow a few simple rules it has a very high expectancy rate.  I look forward to sharing it with you on May 19th.   I will also comment on the current market conditions.

Doug Campbell has been trading for more than 25 years.  He says however many of those early years were filled with frustration and struggle.  Doug like many traders, spent years on a quest to find the Holy Grail indicator and trade set-up that would bring the success he desired.  He was the classic definition of a Yo-Yo trader, having periods of great results followed by even longer periods where he would give back all of his gains and then some.

Although Doug threatened to give up trading many times, his dream of trading full time kept him pushing relentlessly forward toward his goal.  He became a dedicated student of price action and simplified his trading.  Doug tossed out all of the indicators, gave up the idea of predicting price action, and got back to the basics of pattern recognition and trend following.
As a husband, father of 2 and owner of a small construction company his progress was agonizingly slow.  Today as a full-time trader of more than 10 years, a market educator, and trading coach, he is grateful for the lessons learned during those years of struggle.

Doug runs the Right Way Options service in conjunction with Hit & Run Candlesticks trading room, founded by his friend Rick Saddler.   At Hit & Run Candlesticks and Right Way Options, we believe a quality education is a key to success.  With that in mind, I am honored to have the opportunity to share with you, my simple approach to options trading that has thus far delivered a win/loss ratio of better than 70%.  Straight talk on options trading without all the hype.



























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